Guest’s Comments

Dear Paul, Beth, Nazar and Other Staff,

Thank you so much for everything and we cant express how grateful we are! Our time in the villa has been nothing short of amazing – great food, great service, great views and great staff!

We will definitely recommend this beautiful place to all of our friends and family.

Thanks again and we look forward to coming again soon.

Alexis & Reagan, Australia.

Dear Paul, Beth, Nazar and Other Staff,

Thank you for an extraordinary time to word..amazing, he couldn’t do enough for you, food, service, views..awesome.

I will definitely be passing on this beautiful villa to my family and friends.


Di , Perth – Australia.

Dear Owners and Staff,

Thank you for your excellent hospitality.

There is no word to describe this beautiful location, we love it so much and the only thing that is sad is that we have to leave…

Fantastic location and wonderful staff, Jay, Nazar, Yulie and other staff.

We will be recommending this place to our family and friends.


Santi and Keeta, Australia.

Paul, Beth, Nazar and other staff,

From day One, the staff have been so good, for me they have been a huge part of my holiday they have served us beautiful food constantly
and made sure we have had drinks all day everyday.

They have been so nice, they are not only employees here, they are now friends.

Thank you for a holiday I will never forget.


Dearest Nazar and Staff,

Many thanks for your wonderful service these past 3 days.

Our Family had a wonderful and enjoyable time. Our kids don’t want to go home! Thanks for keeping our kids so full with activities. Food is amazing too. Thanks to Yulie!

Thank you very much!

From all of us – K. Wakamatsu, April, Felix, Judy, Aika, Reika, Ethan, Nicole..Singapore.

Dearest Nazar and Friends,

We all had a wonderful time and will never forget this beautiful experience.

Wrote something quick but it will never express our thanks for the blessings you are!

You were there helping hand and foot. You didn’t need to but you did everything to make our stay fantastic even though we are lazy babies!

So thanks for all the wonderful memories, we will go but the thoughts we will always carry.

Things we loved about Villa Matahari Terbenam:

1. The Staff, Jay & Nazar (Best!), Yulie, Ary and Opick.

2. The food! Ayam Goreng, Perkedel Kentang, Ikan Bakar (yummy), Jagung Bakar, Bakar and Bakar! Also Kerupuk, Mango, Rujak, Kelapa and

3. The sights and sounds, sunset, Gili Nanggu

4. The pool!!!

We will miss it all, we will be back!

With love,

Aileen, Lucy, Glenda, Lianya, Jarred – Singapore.

Dear Nazar and staff,

Thanks for your kindness and serving us really well. We really enjoyed our stay here. We had fun with you all. You were always there
when we needed you, your smile guys lighten up the gloomy day even though you don’t know some of our names.

Your humbleness is as sweet as the jam in our breakfast, we won’t feel blue anymore because you throw the blue to the air far far away.

Thank you, we will miss you too much and hopefully we will visit you again.

Our Indonesian Family – Jakarta…Mr, Fahri and Fam.

Dear Staff,

Happy New Year! Fireworks!!

Dear Nazar, Yulie and everyone else who made our stay here at Villa Matahari Terbenam so enjoyable ….Paradise!

Great food, great service and super accommodation.

Thanks for the memories!

Shannon, Peter, Matt and Fam…Canada.

Dear Staff,
We just want to thank all the staff here at the Villa Matahari Terbenam, your service of kindness has been the most outstanding and impeccable ever.
We enjoyed our stay very much from having the break away to the games we have played.
The food has been awesome! The staff have the most infectious smiles all around us.
Thank you very much if I had any more words to express our gratitude wouldn’t be enough.
God bless you all and see you soon!!!
The Richards Family.